FAQ's for Makarem Hotels

How can I contact Makarem Hotels for further assistance?

You can reach out at https://www.makaremhotels.com/makarem/contact-us, or call our Makarem hotels, Makarem Ajyad at +966 12 5720500, Makarem Umm Al Qura, Mina, and Al-bait at +966 12 535 6100.

Which Makarem hotels have parking available onsite in Makkah?

All Makarem hotels have parking; however, the parking space is limited at Makarem Ajyad.

Which Makarem hotels are close to Masjid Al Haram?

All Makarem hotels are considered close to Masjid al-Haram. However, Makarem Ajyad is the closest hotel within walking distance.

What services do Makarem hotels offer to the physically disabled?

All Makarem hotels offer a range of services for the physically disabled, such as designated rooms equipped with the required safety devices to facilitate their journey and enrich their experience.

What payment methods are accepted by Makarem hotels?

Payment methods are accepted by Makarem hotels by Bank transfer or via Visa or MasterCard.

Do you provide transportation facilities from the airport/Makarem hotels?

No, we don't provide transportation services from the airport/Makarem hotels.

Are there dining options within Makarem hotels?

Makarem Hotels offer a variety of food and beverage outlets, for more information please check out the dining option at each hotel at https://www.makaremhotels.com

Can I book meeting or event spaces at Makarem hotels?

Makarem Hotels offers multi-functional fully equipped conference and meeting room halls for your events, you can check the best for your event please check the meeting and event page at https://www.makaremhotels.com/.

What are the check-in and check-out times in Makarem hotels?

Check-in time is from 4:00 PM and Check-out time from 12:00 PM in Makarem Hotels. 

Is Wi-Fi available for guests in Makarem hotels?

Yes, Wi-Fi available is in all Makarem Hotels in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

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