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3 May 2021
Makarem Hotels adopts strict precautions against Covid-19

Makarem Hotels has taken a number of rigorous preemptive and precautionary measures to protect its guests and employees throughout its facilities and to tackle new developments and outcomes that may arise as a result of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization as well as the national instructions, healthcare policies, and applicable procedures. The company has also adopted several flexible measures to keep pace with customers’ current requirements, and to facilitate reservations, rearrangements, or cancellations.

Fully compliant with health and hygiene standards

Makarem affirms its full commitment to following all health standards and hygiene specifications in all its hotels and subsidiaries, where it continually disinfects all of its facilities on a daily basis, in addition to training its employees and raising their awareness on the risks of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), and guiding them to adopt and apply utmost health standards to ensure public safety. Staff in all hotel facilities are directed to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands using the right method, and to use disinfectants and specific detergents, in line with the approved international health standards. A dedicated support team, in coordination with the local health authorities, monitors all facilities, making sure that they are fully committed to implementing the health measures taken, and monitoring, supporting, and assisting employees.

Makarem observes the following mechanisms in all its facilities:

Guest rooms: All guest rooms and their components are cleaned and continually disinfected during the guests’ stay, after their checkout, and before new guests check in.

Public spaces: Dedicated teams and hotel staff constantly clean and sanitize public spaces in all properties, particularly focusing on the reception desk, elevators, door handles and public bathrooms.

Staff facilities: All areas dedicated to hotel personnel are continuously cleaned and sanitized, including their entrances and elevators, changing rooms, laundry rooms and employee offices, in addition to all equipment in the kitchen and restaurants.

Flexible policy for reservation and rearrangement or cancellation

Committed to its obligations towards its guests under the current circumstances, Makarem Hotels announced a series of measures which offers several flexible options and include the choice to amend or cancel reservations with any arrival date before April 23, 2020 at no additional fee. Those who wish to amend their reservations may also do so, subject to conditions related to room availability and price discrepancies. Cancellations made 24 hours before the date of arrival are also subject to a fee equivalent to a one-night-stay out of the reservation price.

Makarem Hotels urges guests that have made their reservations through travel and tourism companies, agents and other websites to refer to the customer service in these companies for more assistance on how to amend, cancel or change the dates of reservations

Additional measures

  • All accommodation reservations in Makarem properties during the holy month of Ramadan remain subject to the applicable cancellation and amendment policies and until further notice.
  • The refund period for deposits and payments for canceled reservations may take up to 45 working days from the date of cancellation, according to Makarem Hotels’ cancellation policy.
  • Group reservations are subject to the terms and conditions of the signed contracts. Travel agents are required to directly contact their account managers at the respective Hotel.

Makarem Hotels asserts that all adopted procedures stem from its endless commitment to the comfort and wellbeing of its customers, and the safety of its partners and employees. It also confirms its ongoing coordination with the relevant local health authorities to implement any new procedures that may be required in the coming phase, in order to provide the best accommodation experience for guests in all its hotel facilities across the Kingdom.


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